Biography Of Tayo Alasoadura

April 7, 2017

Tayo Alasoadura – Ondo Central, is for empowerment: ”Before I decided to contest under the platform of the APC, I tayolooked at the manifesto of the party and I was impressed with what I saw there, succor to the less privileged, fighting insurgency and ensuring that corruption is obliterated if not possible at least reduced to the barest minimum.

Those are the things I will pursue with the government and also there is something that is very bad and that is lack of electricity in this country, so one of the things I will want to be a party to is to ensure that we have stable electricity within the next four years. It is very important and the employment of our youths. While campaigning I told my people that I was going to leave some funds for the development of the women who are suffering especially those in the villages and so on and so forth. In my constituency women borrow money, they borrow N10,000 to trade and they are expected to pay N3,500 per week as interest.

For God’s sake that is criminal! So I have decided that by the grace of God within a very short period of time when we start operations, I am going to get credit facility for the women traders without any interest at all.”


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