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Welcome to Pidgin Speak!.

PIDGIN SPEAK is dedicated to those who want to feel the essence of true Nigerian Pidgin. Pidgin is a sort of English language Slang widely spoken in many parts of Nigeria. A culture lies behind the Nigerian Pidgin. It seems to rub off on those who stay for any length of time. There are many, especially in the country areas that only talk "da kin" true Nigerian Pidgin. It is peppered with native ethnic words. For a visitor or outsider, it can be a real challenge to understand, but for those who live in Nigeria, it is a part of life. The spelling is meant to capture the pronunciation.

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Here at NAIJA PIDGIN SPEAK, you not only get to read Pidgin but you get to HEAR what it sounds like!

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Would you like to understand the locals here in Nigeria? Reading pidgin will help but HEARING it will be even better. Read, listen, and repeat--or at least try.
This sound feature will teach you new ways to understand Nigeria and it's culture.

»Step 1--Read the Pidgin word. Say it out loud and try to pronounce it your way.

»Step 2--Listen to the individual Pidgin word by clicking on the button. . Now repeat the Pidgin word out loud.

»Step 3--Read the Pidgin word used in a sentence. Click on the button to Listen how it is used in a sentence. TRY to repeat the sentence.

»Step 4--Repeat Steps 1-3. Do this everyday for at least 3 (tree) minutes a day. But if you no do am, e go harsh.

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