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Ebhaleleme Male Benin You won't follow my lead
Efe Female Benin Beautiful; pretty
Egbede Female Benin Cannot buy your family's love
Egharevba Male Benin Enemies cannot bother me
Enofe Male Benin One who is rich
Esosa Unisex Benin God's gift
Idaramfon Female Benin Happiness is free
Iyawa Female Hausa Ability; Skill
Nagodeallah Unisex Hausa I thank God
Rayowa Female Hausa Life
Tambara Female Hausa Girl at ease
Yabani Male Hausa God gave me
Zaki Unisex Hausa Lion
Zauna Female Hausa To be alive
Alkana Female Hausa Wheat
Bako Male Hausa Guest
Daraja Female Hausa Valuable; important
Hassana Female Hausa Female of Hassan
Adamu Male Hausa Adam
Asabe Female Hausa Saturday child
Balaraba Female Hausa Wednesday Child
Balarabe Male Hausa Wednesday Child
Danasabe Male Hausa Saturday child
Danjuma Male Hausa Friday child
Danladi Male Hausa Sunday child
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