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Although the vast fertile land in the State is one of its cherished assets
(the other being mineral resource potentials) where both root and grain crops
as well as fruit and livestock production can be profitably carried out on a
large scale, less than 25 per cent of the cultivable area is currently being

This suggests that the state has the prospect of developing the vast underutilised
and or unused agricultural lands in the State. The top priority given to the
agricultural sector by the State Government is going to be a catalyst for such
development. Furthermore, when the existing but unexplored mineral resources
are harnessed, there is no doubt that Niger State would be at the fore front
of the development of industries in the region.

Indeed, all necessary and basic infrastructure including a good investment
climate, good network of intra and inter state roads, abundant power supply,
banks and other financial institutions as well as political stability exist
in the State. These would provide a springboard for the development of the State
in the future.




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