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Economic Climate: Given the existence of abundant uncultivated arable land and its great agricultural and mineral resources, the Niger State government has put in place incentives to woo potential investors to the state. These include the establishment of industrial estates, and easy acquition of land for development purposes .

In addition to these, the existence in the state of three big hydroelectric power stations discussed earlier indicate that Niger state has adequate industrial power. Furthermore, the state capital is not only linked to all the Local Government Headquarters, but the entire state is transversed with interregional roads linking the State from north to south as well as east to west. Niger State is thus well linked to other parts of the country.

The several banks and financial institutions in the state are ready to provide essen tial financial services to potential investors. Moreover, the State is ever ready to enter into partnership with investors for the establishment of industrial projects.

Industrial Potentials: From the discussion so far, there is no doubt that the state posseses vast investment potentials in agroand mineral based raw materials. Available evidence indicates that the pharmaceutical, food, paper and textile industries in Nigeria require huge quantities of starch for their production processes, most of which are currently imported from the developed countries.

It has been estimated that the requirement of maize starch is in order of over 1.5 million kg per annum and this is likely to increase with increasing level of industrial development. Maize is widely grown in the State and the state has uncultivated land which can be put to maize cultivation for the production of starch.

The state also has potentials for establishment of castor seed processing industry. As the raw variety grows well in most parts of the state, this could serve as a basis for the establishment of both small and large scale castor seed plantations. Castor oil is used in pharmaceutical industries in the manufacturing of drugs, quick drying and water resistant varnishes, enamels, oil paint, fabric printing ink and lithographic varnishes, amongst others.

Niger State also has great potential for sugar cane production in the Niger River Basin. Indeed, sugar cane is mostly produced in Agaie, Bida, Chanchaga, Lavun, Minna, Paikoro, Rafi and Shiroro LGAs. Other potentials in the state include the establishment of fruit and vegetable canning industries using citrus fruits such as mangoes as local raw materials.

In view of the availability of good grazing land and surface water supply, Niger State has the potential for the development of live stock, meat and dairy industries. Already, there exists in the State, a ranch at Mokwa established by the Nigeria Livestock Production Company for cat tle rearing.

Another viable industry is the develop ment of fisheries, available in abundance from the several inland water resources in the state. These include the Kainji, Shiroro and Jebba lakes, and Rivers Niger, Kaduna, Gurara, Chachanga as well as the Niger flood plain. In addition to the above, the state also posseses potentials in development of metallic minerals such as gold, iron, copper, lead, columbite.

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