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Sultan's call for boycott of Miss World pageant political

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Sultan's call for boycott of Miss World pageant political

Friday 27th, September, 2002

LAGOSóTHE Coalition for Oodua Self-Determination Groups, COSEG, has condemned the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Mohammed Maccido, for urging Muslims across the country to boycott the Miss World pageant, which holds in Nigeria latter this year.

A statement by COSEG Bureau for Islam signed by Abdul Rauf Adekunle, who is the Bureauís head, stated that the Sultanís call was a political statement that has no place in Islam.

The group said, "as far as we know, the Miss Nigeria contest dates back to 1960 when Sir Tafawa Balewa, a Muslim, was the Prime Minister. The Miss Nigeria contest was held in Lagos and was attended by Balewa and the then Northern Region Premier, Sir Ahmadu Bello. Several Northern Emirs also attended the event, which was well acclaimed as a practical way of paying tribute to Allahís creation, and promoting the pride of women in the polity."

"There is no difference between Miss Nigeria and Miss World. It takes the same form, character and shape. The Sultan never condemned the past Miss Nigeria contests, so why is he now opposed to Nigeria hosting the Miss World contest which is the same as the Miss Nigeria event?"

According to COSEG, "the Sultanís statement was aimed at destroying any international event that would further promote the new democratic image of Nigeria under the leadership of a Yoruba man, President Olusegun Obasanjo."

The Sultan, who is a direct descendant of the late Uthman Dan Fodio, who led the 1804 Jihad, is rather hoping to promote the conscious attempts by the Northern Hausa Fulani to demonise Nigeria and give a bad name to her leadership under President Obasanjoís government. It is real politics with religion being used as a cover.

"The Nigerian Council for Islamic affairs, NCIA, which the Sultan leads, does not at any time represent the interest of Southern Muslims. The ignoble support of the NCIA for past military governments, and the role played by the NCIA in the annulment of the June 12 election, is a clear indication that Allah, not the Sultan, is the head of Muslims in Nigeria. The Sultan only represents the caliphate and its agents."

COSEG then called on the Federal Government and importantly the Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun, to weigh the security implications of the Sultanís threat, noting that it is quite unfortunate that the NCIA, which lacks democratic principles, supported and sustained the brutal regimes in the past which wounded and impoverished millions of Nigerian Muslims, could claim to be speaking for the people."

It added that "the Sultanís statement represented the highest indication that Nigeria is not one united entity and can only be united if the caliphate dominates the country with its primitive and savage policies. NCIAís claim of being the vanguard of Southern Muslim is a ruse, a big one time illusion."

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