Akpos? Mobile Money Advice For All Men In 2017

Posted by Nicholas Tetteh on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Written by: Nicholas Tetteh, Nicholas

Akpos has an advice for all African men in 2017.It is as follows:

The moment you ask a girl “WHAT’S WRONG?”
And she replies “Hmmm”

Guys, dont ask “why hmm …?”

Its a Mobile Money Trap!

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Fosong loverenz meh
May 2017
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Fosong loverenz meh (Anambra, Nigeria) says...

I Love acting,Mr Desmond its nice getting on ur profile Sir,I wish u train me as your actor,I am a Cameroonian please help me Sir,I will gladly appreciate Sir.thanks may God bless u.

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