Daughter please don't open the door for anybody.

Posted by Mirian onyechere on Friday, August 12th, 2016

Written by: Mirian onyechere, Mimi

Three best friends was talking about the life they are good to play when the grow up.  One said I want to go to far away university so that I will not be closed to my family and  the other said me too. And the other one said I love my family I don't wanna do that. The other two said ok go to the closest one so that any some things they give a to come and house and other freaking things that u don't really wanna do. And one said if you get pregnant what will u tell Ur parents and said I will tell them that I was pregnanted by the holy spirit. And one said ok no problem I trust Nigerian parents they bit the hell out of you and panne bit the holy spirit joined together.  The white who is closed to said what a fuck am just 17 years old and I have two baby my parents still care me. And three Nigerian girls said. Good for u then because you are not Nigerian. The white said if I am what will happen and three girls said at thesame time "you would have been dead by now not even think of getting another baby" and she said thank God for me then.

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Fosong loverenz meh
May 2017
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Fosong loverenz meh (Anambra, Nigeria) says...

I Love acting,Mr Desmond its nice getting on ur profile Sir,I wish u train me as your actor,I am a Cameroonian please help me Sir,I will gladly appreciate Sir.thanks may God bless u.

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