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Grain Milling: This industry depends on grains such as maize, rice groundnut, cowpeas and soyabean, which are grown in the state. Apart from being consumed, they serve as inputs for livestock feed production and vegetable oil mill.

Starch Production: Starchmaking industry is very feasible in Imo State. The State is endowed with abundant grains,roots and tubers which can sustain starch production.

Integrated Palm Produce Industry: This is another viable industry as Imo State is blessed with abundant oil palm and coconut palm from which can be derived fatty acids, fatty alcohol, glyc erin/glycerol, soaps and vegetable oil.

Cashew Product Industry: This is a viable industry that will utilise cashew nuts produced in the state. Other prod ucts include roasted nuts, cashew juice, et cetera.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrate Production: The abundance of highly perishable fruits and vegetables and the poor development of fruit and vegetable processing in the state offer many oppor tunities for investors.

Integrated MultiOil Seeds Processing Plant: Imo State is blessed with wild growing trees that produce edible fruits and seeds. They include the African oil bean tree, the breadfruit tree and the pear tree which are found all over the state. The fruits/seeds have high oil con tent which are useful in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Raw Materials Research and Development Council Liaison Office in the state also helps inter ested investors to channel their financial resources into mineralbased industries. It formulates, for investors, appropriate profiles and feasibility studies at subsidized rates, to encourage them venture into any of the following projects:

Cement factory: Urgently needed in the state to supplement supplies from neigh bouring cement factories in Enugu and Rivers states. This is a viable project waiting for investors to exploit and utilise the abundant limestone, clay, kaolin and gypsum in the state.

Chemical Plants: Investors are also encouraged to invest in chemical plants. Such raw materials as crude oil and nat ural gas, are available for the establish ment of a refinery/gas plant and a petro chemical plant.

Ceramic Industry: The abundant clay deposits in Imo State can sustain a viable ceramic industry. Other viable industries include a Ceramic tableware plant, a school chalk manufacturing plant and a lime manufacturing plant.

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