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The Nigerian Senate: All Performance, Zero Propaganda THE ARROGANT IMMATURITY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION Failed projection in travel Ugly Tales Of Abuja Ghettos HOME OF RICHES AND POWES A final word to the cabal in Kaduna How Seme Customs enforced vehicle importation ban Football Prediction in Nigeria and Betting As a Source of Employment Returnee Graduates Disturb As Employers Reject Foreign Degrees The World Through The Lens Of Alternative History The Case Of The Three Abba Kyari Donald Trump's Toxic Masculinity How Donald Trump turned Ted Cruz into a laughingstock Joey's Monday Musings: Is Fela Kuti still relevant in this digital age of Nigerian music? Cancellation Of Post Utme, A Blessing To Our Educational System Moms and dads! Porn shall not be our norm Are most Nigerian artists original? BROKEN RIB (AGAINST DIVORCE) How can Nigeria deal with its recession? The Man Who Named His Dog Buhari Nigeria is Ranked No. 1 In Scrabble Understanding Your Shipping Cost SHOPTOMYDOOR INTENDS TO TACKLE DELIVERY CHALLENGES IN AFRICA CORRUPT EFCC BOSS WHO ARRESTED BLOGGER ABUSIDIQU DEMANDS FOR TWO DIRECTORS AS SURETIES TO SET HIM FREE Being Christian shouldn?t make you a bad dresser Gov. Amaechi Tackles Youths Unemployment Should Sports Not Be A Part Of Okonjo Iweala (Entertainment Industry) Economy Diversification Drive Should Sports Not Be A Part Of Okonjo Iweala (Entertainment Industry) Economy Diversification Drive HP Mobile Authentication Helps Protect Customers Against Counterfeits NIGERIA TODAY Ibis Hotel to Extend Equity in Nigeria, Offer Promo to Customers Looting of treasury at the top SUBSIDIES ON PETROL Youthful magnate extends Midas touch to lifestyle mag . OK! Magazine in association with MTN to launch in Nigeria Hon Emeka Ihedioha: Constituency fund Initiated Project and Matters Arising Lamit Cup - Clay Shooting Competition by Lamit Sports File Restore Tool – Capable to Recover Lost Data Nigeria @ 51 VENIVIICI.COM, ONLINE RETAIL STORE TO LAUNCH OCTOBER 1, 2011 CORRUPTION; THE GREATEST CHALLENGE! THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS (PART 2). THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS (PART 1). THE PRESIDENCY MUST HEAR THIS. The Dying Education And The Unborn Redeemers. PRINCEWILL AND HIS LOVE FOR THE LESS PRIVILEGED IN NIGERIA Ngor/Okpala: A Council Area in Need of Development OK! NIGERIA ANNOUNCES EDITOR-IN-CHIEF THE INFLUENCE OF TELEVISION ON FAMILY INSTITUTION IN NIGERIA For they know not! Solving our poverty and unemployment crises…a Malay-Israeli approach socio economic transformation of nigeria Original Quotes Exposing the menace of counterfeiting Pan African Airlines (Nigeria) Ltd. Signs Agreement to Provide First Class Services Nigerian Authorities Execute Seizure of Fake Printing Supplies for HP Printers celestial church- thy joy of thy lord unto we all How to monitor entire keystrokes using key logger software Governor Rochas: Declare State Of Emergency in State Public Schools Imo State: Dissolution of LGA council and matters arising Imo State: Owelle Rochas Not A Miracle Worker Imo State Government: Save Amala/Ntu Secondary School from Total Rot We welcome you, Nigeria! THE DIVINE MERCY (FREE AUDIO PRAYER) The road to stardom..................No room for mistakes. THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS (PART 1) Access important data from formatted hard drive data THE RESILIENCE THAT PAID OFF! Ohakim’s Empowerment Application Form (Per Ward): A Real or False Bait? What will happen to the killers,the muslims in the north? 2011 Imo Gubernatorial Polls: Governor Ohakim Beyond Electorates Redemption Profile of Warisenibo (Hon.) Dakuku Adolphus Peterside April 2011 Polls: Princewill Commends Rivers’s People and Prof. Jega RIVERS GUBER 2011: AMAECHI, SEKIBO OR OMEHIA: WHO IS EASY CHOICE FOR THE RIVERS STATE PEOPLE? Nigeria: Is there any hope for the poorest of the poor? PPA Winds up Door to Door Electoral Campaign Exercise; as Princewill Urges Voters to Convert Overwhelming Support to Physical Votes on Election Dates Hon. Chief Peterside Dakuku and His Triumphant Entry into Andoni Kingdom Hon. Chief Peterside Dakuku and His Triumphant Entry into Andoni Kingdom 2011: THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY TO BE REINVIGORATED AS GOV AMAECHI UNLEASHES HIS FIRST ELEVEN ON THE HAPLESS OPPOSITION IN RIVERS STATE 2011: THE PRINCIPLE OF “ANYA-NELI”, CHIEF BARR. EZEBUNWO NYESOM WIKE AND THE POLITICAL FUTURE OF RIVERS STATE – AN OVERVIEW OF AN INSIDER Have you lost your important files and folders? $5,000,000. interswitch ATM Card ARE AFRICANS RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OR FETISH INHABITANTS? DO THEY HAVE A UNIFYING RELIGION AND CULTURE? TOWARDS A PEDAGOGICAL RESPONSE! part 4 Opobians in Diaspora Drum Support for Hon. Dakuku Peterside ARE AFRICANS RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OR FETISH INHABITANTS? DO THEY HAVE A UNIFYING RELIGION AND CULTURE? TOWARDS A PEDAGOGICAL RESPONSE! Part 3 Port Harcourt rally stampede is heartbreaking - Princewill ARE AFRICANS RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OR FETISH INHABITANTS? DO THEY HAVE A UNIFYING RELIGION AND CULTURE? TOWARDS A PEDAGOGICAL RESPONSE! part 2 ARE AFRICANS RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OR FETISH INHABITANTS? DO THEY HAVE A UNIFYING RELIGION AND CULTURE? TOWARDS A PEDAGOGICAL RESPONSE! part 1 Hon. Dakuku Peterside: The House of Representative Candidate and His Political Movement Nigeria: The Ban on Commercial Motorcyclists Princewill Pays Homage to his Father, Urges Kalabari Natives to Vote for Amaechi Dr. Dawari George: Truth about the House of Representatives candidate It's in you; oh Citizen. Niger/Delta: Militancy or Criminality a Genuine Cause for Agitation? Niger/Delta: Militancy or Criminality a Genuine Cause for Agitation? Inec Urged To Extend Registration Days 2011 Election: The Odd Favors Goodluck Jonathan Over Nuhu Ribadu Praise For Dr Dalhatu Tafida From A Global Group Goodluck Jonathan Triumphs In Pdp Party Primary Online Marketing APGA, WHICH WAY? Atiku Abubakar’s Desperation and His Politics of Entitlement Igbos and the 2011 Elections Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team disappointed over Choice of Atiku as Consensus Candidate Internet usage by country: Nigeria has more per capita internet users than India And They Lived Happily Everafter.... Poll: Jonathan Could Beat Atiku in 2011 PDP Presidential Primaries Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team Concentrate on Jonathan's Voter Registration Drive U.S. Interests in Nigeria’s Financial Reform Success Global Diaspora CampaignTeam Lauds Dr Dalhatu Tafida contributions towards Dr Goodluck Jonathan 2011 Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s Use of Social Media Campaign WHAT SHOULD CHRISTIAN DO ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THE POOL IN OUR SOCIETY AND IN OTHER PART OF THE WORLD ARE HOMOSEXUAL CHRISTIANITY GENUINE: SHOULD WE ACCEPT THEM TO CHURCH? WHAT IS CHRISTIAN VIEW ABOUT ABORTION IS THERE ANY HARM IN SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE? IS IT A DIRECTIVE FROM GOD THAT THE CHURCH SHOULD BE SILENT ON POLITICAL AFFIARS? WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY STAND ON RACIAL PREJUDICEAND SECURITY REVENGE? THINKING THROUGH THE REALITY OF MORAL ISSUES IN OUR GENERATION Pornography Use in a Marriage The Question of Love, Sex in Marriage COMPOSITION OF ADULTERY THE MENACE OF SECRET SOCIETIES IN NIGERIA Nigeria @ 50: What happened to the ‘Giant of Africa’? Happy Birthday Nigeria….. CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST-IMOLE KRISTI DE LATI BA WA GBE NINU IJO MIMO 2011: WHITHER YOUTH CANDIDATES A well fed slave and a hungry free man: who is better the field were glory does not stay (Poem) Beauty and Persnality What I wish I had known before coming to the USA. Hannibal was black In support of Zoning system of government A MESSAGE OF HOPE A MWA SHOULD WE BELIEVE IN GOD ? Undelete data from faulty data storage media LIFE AFTER DIVORCE Kpako Husband CONFIRMED!!! HOW I MADE $250 IN 24HOURS WITH MY LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT IN DEFENCE OKADA MEN PROSTITUTION A SOCIAL MENACE ONE MILLION YOUTH MARCH AT KEBBI FOR WHAT? Why Nigeria Crashed Out of The World Cup failed marriages Open letter to Alhaji Sani Yerima Nurturing Effective and Elective Democracy in Nigeria Death of the zoning system: A muted grief The Niger Delta Question IBB AT YOUR SERVICE EDMARK INTERNATIONAL HAS CHANGED NIGERIANS FINANCIALLY AN ATRIBUTE TO OUR DEAR PERSIDENT tribute to our dear president How ThisDay Newspapers 'Scandalized' President Obama's Nigerian Nominee 2011: What if it is Babangida again? THY GOOD SHERPERD- OLUSHOAGUTAN RERE where to keep your problem This Graveyard called Nigeria The Paedophiles in our midst State of the Nation and a Credible 2011 Elections: Matters Arising Yar’Adua-Jonathan Political Muddle: What Lies Ahead? Dear Bishop Oyedepo Gospel of Wickedness – The Hypocrisy and Falsehood of Helen Ukpabio – Part 2. Gospel of Wickedness – The Hypocrisy and Falsehood of Helen Ukpabio – Part 1. Nigeria Mass Media - The Fourth Estate of Graft LIFE AND TESTIMONY Emenogu, world number four, eyes WBC crown A SEALED PRAYER Life after death Responding to Mr Dodo's letter The Stampede for N4million naira on namywedding,com Illogicality and Absurdities: Open letter to Turai Yar’adua EARTHQUAKE REVIEF MISSION Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team RELAX… AND ENJOY YOUR WINE. A VITAL TOOLS TO THE WORLD BEHOLD! TB JOSHUA’S NEW MYSTERY LADY The dangers of heterodoxy – Open letter to Evangelist Helen Ukpabio T.B JOSHUA IS NOT BUILDING IN GHANA NIGERIA LEADERSHIP CRISES: THE PAUL DIKE OPTION TB JOSHUA IS GREECE'S BIGGEST THREAT IN SA WORLD CUP – GREEK NATIONAL NEWSPAPER A later to my brothers and sisters! HAITI and NIGERIA: Case studies in failure of Human Management of natural resources. The End of Plenty: Nigeria’s “Malthusian Curse” A Letter to the America President from a Nigerian Why I Will Not Support Prof. Chukwuma Soludo Barack Obama: Man of the Year 2009 Labyrinth of Leadership: Nigeria’s Peculiar Mess (penkelemesi) studying abroad is not a child`s play Nigeria, Niger Delta Violence and the Biafra Connection: A Political Discourse By Chris Onyema The Parody of Nigerian Education and the Alternative Search for Foreign Certificate: Whither the Hope of a Better Future? (Part I) GREAT MEN AND HISTOTRY 2011: Ibrahim Shekarau as President What we must tell the President Nigeria: when is the relieve coming? (2) THE AFRICA CHALLENGE...A Message to the President addressed to the Nigerian Youths at the UNITED NATIONS on Aug 7th 2009 Arabic Inscription or Hausa Verbiage: Between Manipulative Interpretations and Subjective Impulse The Many Faces of Helen Ukpabio Nigeria: When is the relieve coming? The Intrigues of Naming: A Dissectional Response to the ‘Boko Haram’ Butchery The Intrigues of Naming: A Dissectional Response to the ‘Boko Haram’ Butchery Curtailing the excesses of Evangelist Helen Ukpabio Fraud Alert! INTERSWITCH SCAM EMAILS ON THE LOOSE, BEWARE! Who Is TB Joshua's Mentor? THE TRIBAL EMANCIPATION OF NDI IGBO FROM NORTHERN DOMINATION; part 3 Tony Patrick a.k.a. TP-Rhymes Selfless Service Niger Delta Crisis: Nigeria Loses N6, 264 Trillion! MOTHER'S DAY: THE MYTH BEHIND THIS DAY! Withdrawal of Andy Uba's Supreme Court Case Anambra State Political Issues: This Is My Stand (Part II) KA SISE LATI LE RE IJOBA ORUN --- OMO IJO MIMO---CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST Anambra State Political Issues: This Is My Stand Dividends Of Unemployment Mental Colonialism RE: REBRANDING NIGERIA IMAGE PROJECT; WE ALL MUST SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS A TRIBAL EMANCIPATION OF NDI IGBO FROM NORTHERN DOMINATION-Part 2 Anambra State and The One-Term Governor Syndrome (Part II) i miss her sorry baby Make Quick Money with less Stress VISION 2020 AND NIGERIA'S ECONOMY, THE WAY FORWARD Satellite Internet Access Lamit Company launches a new network solution for improving the internet connection A-Z of Cyber Fraudsters & Preventive Tips We dont have ambbasador in China but a foolish goat GOODNESS IN MAN. WORDS WRITTEN IN BLOOD THE LOVE BETWEEN OBJ AND ATIKU Some Articles deserve not to be published. Obama: The President With Many Firsts Our Ambassador in china is very stupid What can be done about being Nigerian? TOWARDS A TRIBAL ENMACIPATION OF NDI IGBO FROM NORTHERN DOMINATION- Part 1 Burden Of Proof In Election Petitions We Know The Way Their Racism, Our Tribalism LEGITIMATE AND ILLEGITIMATE WORRY YOU ARE TIMELESS TO ME. Why I Want McCain To Win How Race Colors American Presidential Election Nigeria, afer the Beijing games. Do we ever have a Government? Help Nigerians in China out b4 too late. BIG TROUBLE FOR NIGERIANSIN CHINA Nigeria@48 Wake-up Nigeria 1ST NIGERIAN GERMAN SECURITY CONFERENCE 2008 ABUJA BETWEEN PHYSICIANS AND THEIR FATALLY WOUNDED PATIENTS THE SOCIAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL FUNCTION OF LANGUAGE FOREIGN NATIONALS USING NIGERIAN PASSPORTS MODERN MAN AND SCIENTIFIC SOPHISTICATION IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM "ONWA ASATO' OR "ILO MUO" FESTIVAL IN NRI MARITAL TRAGEDIES AMONG NIGERIANS IN DIASPORA (PART I) war aganist women HOW OBAMA CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER TAX EVASSION IN LAGOS? FATHERHOOD AND FAMILY FROM A GERMAN PERSPECTIVE MEMO TO NIGERIAN WOMEN/WIVES RE: ABORTION IS A SACRIFICE TO THE DEVIL. ELECTION RIGGING BY ANOTHER NAME MY CELESTINE UKWU'S 'IJE ENU' MEMORIES WHY I SERVED AND WHY I LEFT THE NIGERIAN ARMY THE NATURE AND FORMS OF FREE MASONRY: ITS HISTORICAL ORIGIN, FRATERNITY AND THRUST FATHERHOOD AND FAMILY FROM A LATINO PERSPECTIVE THE WORLD IN PRESENT EZINNE CELEBRATION: A CHALLENGE TO THE DIGNITY OF AFRICAN MOTHERHOOD AND FAMILY LIVING WITH TEENS & YOUTHS ITS TIME TO BE REAL AND RELEVANT TOJU ISE RE,OMO IJO MIMO MUCH ADO ABOUT EXECUTIVE IMMUNITY RE: MBADINUJU'S TRAVAILS How Eke, Oye, Afor and Nkwo Market Days Were Introduced In Igboland. DADDY, I AM YOUR DAUGHTER. Prepare for Success It is an insult to call Obama black Why is it that African leaders are seduced by the sacrosanct monster? FATHERHOOD AND FAMILY FROM AN ASIAN PERSPECTIVE Western Architecture versus Tropical Architecture: Why you shouldn't import your house plan from Europe/America FATHERHOOD FROM AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE MBADINUJU'S TRAVAILS SUDANESE PLANE CRASH: A CHALLENGE TO AFRICAN AVIATION INDUSTRIES Intrigues: The Nigeria Supreme Court and the Rotimi Amaechi's Judgment IGU ARO NDI IGBO Invitation to attend Harris Phillips' highly subsidized seminars for June and July 2008 ATTEND FREE SEMINARS TILL THE END OF JUNE!!! Anambra State: On the Road to Greatness ANAMBRA STATE: ON THE ROAD TO GREATNESS ABSENT FATHERS: Its Impact on the Family PHCN IS KILLING PEOPLE IN BOLORUNPELU TOWN IKOTUN LAGOS NIGERIA Letter to my friend oversea Major Bid To Internationalize Nigerian Contemporary Poetry. YES, NIGERIAN WRITINGS TODAY ARE RUDDERLESS Professor Tony Afejuku of the Department of English, University of Benin, a poet, critic and an activist, once said in an interview with a Nigerian newspaper (Vanguard), that Nigerian writings today are rudderless. NIGERIAN PRESIDENT'S CHIEF PUBLICIST DEVISES CREDIBILITY RUBBISHING SCHEME FATHERHOOD: HISTORICAL, SOCIOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE The Obasanjo Years of Locust (1999 To 2007) is our Collective Guilt UPSURGE ON ONLINE PUBLISHING IN NIGERIA PROFILE AND POETRY OF COMRADE CHIDI ANTHONY OPARA Niger Delta Conference!!!! Celestial Church Of Christ Celestial Church Of Christ Celestial Church Of Christ human right New Energizer on the Block NOT TOO YOUNG Andy Uba's Anambra State Governorship Delusions (Part II) Obama's Historic Speech: A Critical Analysis Andy Uba's Anambra State Governorship Delusions Why We Serve In the United States Military Undeserved end of late Julius Usigbe Substance Abuse Among Single Mothers (2) Fatherhood and family IS THERE A GLOBAL MARKET FOR USED GOODS FROM THE UNITED STATES? Towrds saving lives and safer roads Towaards Whither went the Super Eagles? Substance Abuse among Single Moms:Toward a psychological and Emotional Approach Ladies Shoes, Ladies Boots, Cheap Shoes Online THE GROWING INFLUENCE AND ACTIVITIES I came, I saw, and I conquered SHARIA AS AN OPTION IN KANO Nation EVERYDAY USHERS IN A REASON FOR US TO BE HOPEFUL. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY(Do You Have The Courge To succeed) TRIBUTE TO CYPRIAN EKWENSI DWELLING IN THE SECRET PLACE OF THE LORD ABOUT EJIKE OGBONNAYA WE NEED THIS KIND OF PERSON IN THIS WORLD BREAKING NEWS! Kebbi Gubernatorial Election Nullified Says FRCN, Kaduna THERE IS A BATTLE CALLED LIFE "Succeeding successfully" Equal opportunity Bald Men Need Natural Hair Care Products Too! How to save your hair and your valuable time removing Fusion, Braids, Weaves, Hair Extensions and Dreadlocks! Laugh your ribs out. Call this comedian STOP AUTHORITY STEALING GROUP PLANS EPIC FILM ON AWO, TWENTY YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH ''PILLAR''OF CORRUPTION! The great cabals NFA: Retain Eaglets, Tella EFCC, the rule of law and the rest of us LESSONS FROM THE GOLDEN EAGLETS SUCCESS IN KOREA 2007 CELESTIAL-TO O WO,KO SI RI PE, RERE NI OLUWA THE LORD IS CALLING US TO HEAR HIS VOICE,ALL THAT TRUST IN HIM FG Policy On Cement : Letter To The President Standardizing Nigerian States' Official Internet Domain Names love NO BODY!SHOULD PUT PROF.SOLUDO ON HOLD NIGERIA GOVERNMENT MUST SHOW NIGERIANS WAY FORWARD SERAH OGECHI ONYEACHOR DIRECTS HER FIRST MOVIE IN HOLLYWOOD AT THE AGE OF 20 NO JUSTICE FOR THE POOR IN NIGERIA THE IGBO MARGINAL MAN Guides for Nigerians in Diaspora when building your house back home. 10 Alternatives to Oil, 10 Keys to National Prosperity 1 New Diaspora Niger Delta Magazine TWO LAWS IN NIGERIA,THE RICH AND THE POOR! Where is the Love/ THE PUSUIT OF SUCESS IN AMERICA Niger Delta Militancy: A poor man's curse Las Vegas Weather The lost old sermon of those days. Knowledge Management PRESIDENT YAR'ADUA NEEDS TO DEAL-WITH INTRIQUES AND POWER-PLAY WE NEED A CHANGE IN OUR SOCIETY TO STOP THE TERIFYING PAINS OF OUR FUTURE MOTHERS IN NIGERIA AND ALL OVER AFRICA (''CIRCUMCISION'') INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GROWTH IN ETHIOPIA 7 ways to choose an effective career IS ABORTION REALLY MURDER? EFCC ACTIONS China/Africa relation, a new hide and seek. YAR'ADUA NEEDS TO BE CAREFUL OF GENERAL OBASANJO!! AMEN FOUNDATION CATARACT SURGERIES FOR LAGOS STATE Housa man and police officer The godfathers red eyes 30 days in power The go-slow president The cop and the chop Something to ponder Never again I will miss Obasanjo THE ROOT OF REALITY: IN SUPPORT OF MILITANCY Ka sowo po, ka sowo po, Pelu ife mimo King Ogbidi Okojie of Uromi OBASANJO IS STILL RULING NIGERIA NIGERIA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN THE ANATOMY'S SECRET PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS Nigerias Post 2007 Elections: A Time for Healing Process and National Reconciliation Majors Offered at Rochville University Rochville University Nigeria as Nigerians are the happiest people in the world 19,May 2007.Fear of safety Port Harcourt Nigeria:Bari-arakpalap Esan Youth Rebirth Movement Appeal for the Release of Hostages! Ghana Beckons! Nigeria Rebirth NIGERIAN ELECTORAL PROCESS: DIM LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL Nigeria and same sex bills Nigeria and Choices 2007 Between Babalakins Airport Terminal and Dukes Tinapa Nigerias Drug War: Dora Akunyili A Champion at home and abroad They can do much better the Exodus of Corruption Purposeful Living /What on ewarh are you here for ?!! Discussions on Nigeria 1 Success Series 1 yoruba movies IGBALA DE LONI FUN GBOGBO ENYIN IJO -MIMO The Rivers of Our Dream: Commentary Combating Corruption Corruptly: The Nigerian Experience OMO IJO MIMO (CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST ) RONUPIWADA What a shameless people?What a shameless country? Africas Political &Economic liberation BEYOND THEIR ANTICS Group swipes at Opponents of Omehia, says he is the right candidat Omehia's Candidature - A Blessing to PDP... CGG DRAMATIC IRONIES home away from home A TERRIBLE BEAUTY THE NIGER_DELTA: A CRADLE OF VIOLENCE MEND vs. POLICE ONSLAUGHT In Defense Of The Outcast One Dishonesty in Census: what's The Upper Limit? IN DEFENCE OF SANGUINARY GODS The relevance of emotional intelligence in business Why the nice men hurts everybody Malleable pornography is a poison to Youth morals Bringing back life into the family Preventing violent behaviour in children DEVELOPING AN APPEALING LOOK Superior should not count people but count on people CELESTIAL MEMBERS ARE U READY TO MEET JESUS ----IF SO--THIS IS WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR U CELESTIAL MEMBERS TO DO-LISTEN TO HIM-GOD ALMIGHTY THE BRUTAL KILLING,TORTURE AND ARREST OF BIAFRAINS WORD OF THE LORD FOR CELESTIAL MEMBER TO LEARN FROM ABOUT THE LORD MARGINALISATIO OF IGBO RACE AND THE STRUGGLE FOR THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA. What If You And Your Friend Love The Same Person? Tell Your Partner Why You Love Them. Love - Can You Change Your Partner? TAIWO AKINKUNMI- AN HERO WITHOUT HONOR Happy New Year!- Let It Go For 2007... Desparity against the nigeria woman Desparity in judgement Desparity against todays nigeria wo osa mwen na ramwen LIFE SAVING INFORMATION FULFILL YOUR PROMISE LAGOS NA WA!!! New Thing in Nkanu land HEALTH CARE FOR THE POPULACE Tears Of My People oba of lagos Lest We Forget: Lest we forget: Challenging the Heart of Africa Project CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST-- 0R0 OLUWA KO SI YIN Gen. Buhari is the best choice for Nigeria in 2008 ANALYTICAL DISCOURSE ON THE NIGERIAN WOMAN THE EAGLES GATHER FOR IBB NIGERIA - THE PEOPLE AND THE LEADERS IJO MIMO-- THE WAY FORWARD-CHRIST IS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH GOVERNOR DONALD DUKE: SAINT OR SINNER? Glory Emeh and RSG Aviation Fraud WHO CORRUPTED THE PUBLIC SERVICE? FASCISM: THE EKITI EXAMPLE THE FESTAC WE ONCE KNEW Nigeria Triple 'C' Syndrome: Diagnositic Appraisal of our Body Polity The Value of Friend, they worth more than you realize? Role Models: Who and Why are you imitating? Overcoming Shyness All about Bliss and why its not a good Idea Deregulation of morality No Visible Alternative Leadership for 2007 - Nigerians in the Diaspora Declares Politics in High Places: Aberant of the Mainstream Opportunity Cost of $125 Million PTDF Fund: Forgone Conclusion Sanctity of Democratic Choice retrenchment NIGERIA LEFT nigerian students' movement who corrupted the public service Nigerian Independence Day Celebration in The Hague. ABC Health Guide for Nigerians Travelling to the U.K DININE TUNR ARUND Ghana Beckons!! thank you ohafia-agba A day with Adewale Ayuba Governor Idris has donewell but people still lay complains War Against Terror - UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair Speaks on Terrorism in Niger Delta NIGERIANS NEED A KEGITE LEADER AS THE NEXT NIGERIA PRESIDENT KEGITES MEMBERS DECLARED SHAME Nigerian Universities In Shambles INFERNO IN ASO VILLA FRIEND' S FAMILY DECONGESTING THE MIND FEAR OF SUCCESS RUMOURS- THE OFFICE VIRUS PAYING ATTENTION TO THE OTHER SIDE WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THESE PUBLIC OFFICERS Introducing LBE HelpDesk the serenity of the niger delta; a review commissioner's sack; why hon. Ambaowei must stay endless tears of niger delta : poems post-UME screening: matters arising Bayelsa as an educational brand Quality E-Books and Softwares with Master Resale Rights the nigerian girl making waves in the uk for her continent! Quality E-Books and Softwares with Master Resale Rights The Future of Immigration in the West ACHIEVERS ARE DREAMERS celestial church of christ pillarand the ground of truth--1tim,3-14-15 Adeyinka Makinde, author of Dick Tiger, interviewed on Global Talk Radio A superlative performance- our heroine on the world stage A day with Olusesan Ekisola pioneer GM, Raypower THE KALEIDOSCOPE OF PRINCE TONYE PRINCEWILL Ma sise lo, ma se wa isimi COOPERATING WITH COLONIAL COOPERATION. NA WA FOR YABA MARKET. Difference between Online Education VS. Traditional Education Divergent Perspectives on the Niger Delta Question Black Prime Minister Not In My Lifetime Declares UK First Black Female Parliamentarian, Diane Abbott Private Soldier Lectures Nigerian Commander-in-Chief UK Prime Minister speaks out on terrorism in Africa Addressing Nigeria's Economic Problems and the Islamist Terrorist Threat Obasanjo pls we need your attention. Lets Make Nigeria Great THE BAD EGGS OF THE NIGERIAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION RE: Obasanjo: Nigerians ll Decide My Successor we are one in christ-celestial member--LOVE- IS THE WORD AND WORSHIP IS THE WAY;- THE CYBER INVESTIGATOR PART 1 CHIEF AUDU OGBE IN RETROSPECT Interview Transcript of appearance on 'Garvey's Children' Boxing: Rousing the Nigerian Giant THE APATHY OF FREE MEN AND THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE THE NIGER-DELTA: A CRADLE OF VIOLENCE Interview Transcript of appearance on 'Just About Books' Remembering Rex Lawson THIRD TERM: THE COLOSSAL FAILURE OF A BAD IDEA; AN INVESTIGATION NEEDS TO BE CONDUCTED TO SEE WHO GOT WHAT AND WHY. THE NEXT GOVERNMENT HAS A FIDUCIARY DUTY TO CONDUCT AND INVESTIGATION INTO EFFORTS TO ABROGATE OUR CONSTITUTION; LET THE CHIP FALL WHEREEVER discuss the development of fishey in nigeral Tetuila thrills America CALL FOR GENDER EQUALITIES!!! GOD BLESS NNAMANI Beyond Third Term: The untold story... EMOTIONS AND LOVE AFFAIRS cry of help THE NEW AFRICAN ORDER - The times, they are a-changing We must Stop the Government The Iran Question and Nigeria DISCUSS IN DETAILS THE HISTORY OF AGRICULTURE IN NIGERIA FROM THE COLONIAL ERA TO THE PRESENT DAY, POINTING OUT CLEARLY ALL AGRICULTURAL PROGRAMMES. The worrisome Lagos-Ibadan traffic Hope for Niger Delta Conference on CURBING YOUTH RESTIVENESS IN THE NIGER DELTA Held on the 29th April 2006 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I want your comments The Ambush of Ambition SAY NO TO OBJ THIRD TERM BID internet secrets to money making LET UNITE AND WORSHIP THE TRUE GOD TOGETHER MEMBERS OF (C.C.C.)WORLDWIDE THE NIGERIA POLICE: VICTORS OR VILLAINS THIRD TERM SYNDROME THE IMMINENT DEATH OF A NATION The Messiah illusions of 'scramble democrats' Beyond elections: Niger Delta in perspective Ngige, welcome home from great conquest AFTER THE BATTLE WHAT NEXT Wake up Nigeria The Delta Murder At Dawn Jelili Omotola (1941-2006) In Amsterdam, Nigerian deportee help up our flight for one hour THE WORLD'S NUMBER 1 BLACK BOOK! NIGER DELTA/SLAVE COAST = GARDEN OF EDEN= BLACK PROGRESS? African Union Defined THE DOUBLE VICTIMS OF DEPRAVITY Constitutional Review Obasanjo sliding into a pariah? A Dream of Nigeria: Critical Published Essays 2002 To 2005 Ali Farka Toure (1939-2006) AFRICA - AMERICA DOUBLE STANDARD RELATIONSHIP The Witch of Web-design, the Young Humanitarian and the Scientific-poetic Soul Conference Annoucement!!!!!! 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Written by: U.S.A


Contemporary Aviation in Africa grows out of a long tradition of poverty, hardship, neglect and mismanagement. This is the more reason why international community including African citizens are criticizing African Aviation industries as inefficient government bodies that facilitates the death of innocent air travelers. The scorched hell of a crash that caused the plane to veer off a runaway and burst into flames, killing at least 100 people have put African Aviation industries under scrutiny and suspicion. The Sudanese airways jet, Airbus A 310 appeared to have gone off the runaway after landing at Khartoum International airport, with several loud explosions resounded as fire raced through the aircraft leaving bystanders gasping for breath. This singular incident has given African nations another baptism of a name as a continent with creepy air transportation. This baptism of name reaffirms why African air transportation has become another death trap for commuters. The recognition that African aviation industry is short of international standard reaffirms the assertion that other aspects of African social, economic and political lives need proper examination. The examination of African aviation industries challenges one to a myriad of questions.

The questions many ask is why are African aviation industries in a perpetual flaw? Why are air transportation in most African countries a nightmare? Why are African Jets and planes in a very deplorable flying conditions? Why have African planes failed to race well? and why are they emitting combustive smokes, loud sounds or roaring distractions? And after a crash, why have African aviation officials unable to put accurate death toll per each crash? Concerned individuals often ask why death toll after a crash is always conflicted? They ask why African television and newspapers give a different death statistics while aviation officials give a total different number? When we ask fundamental questions of this nature the power that be would call for our removal or look for our shortcomings to get rid of us. But these are fundamental questions that challenges the validity of administrative nonchalance. They are questions that African citizens always demand answers. They are fundamental questions African people believe in. The questions that would transform African Aviation are questions air commuters ask on a daily basis. They are not my personal questions? They are not my arguments or fabricated postulations. They are questions African citizens want answers. At all times, death resulting from air crash in Africa has continue to rise in the past decade and nothing meaningful have be done to remedy the situation.

The world and NGOS knows that African aviation is a flaw because all her aircrafts go through rough landing which leads to transportation disaster. Sometimes disaster in African aviation results because smokes gets into the cockpit that sometimes engulf the plane and passengers or because the runaway are always drenched by rain. It is in Africa that pilots tries to land in spite of bad weather. It is in Africa that bad weather causes African aircrafts to crash-land, split into two and catch fire. It is in Africa that pilots have difficult signals with control tower. It is in Africa that government officials attribute reasons for a crash on technical problems. It is in Africa that commercial air travel is very unsafe. Africa is a continent where looters swarm the scene of a plane crash in a bid to loot instead of engaging in a fire-fighters rescue mission. This is the more reason why the CBS news room once reported that impoverished residents in the capital central African Republic swarmed over the wreckage of a crashed plane, hacking off metals, looting a cargo of onions and hampering efforts to free trapped victims. This means that mere metals and onions are far more important than the lives of victims trapped in a humiliated crash. Most African plane crashes have claimed lives of top government official, politicians, celebrities, business tycoons and common citizens.

On May 2002, a plane crashed in a remote area of southern Sudan killing 24 people including key members of the Sudanese government. On July 2003, a Sudanese Airways Boeing 737 en route from port Sudan to Khartoum crashed soon after takeoff, killing all 115 people on board. In November 28, 1987 another aircraft traveling from Taipei Taiwan to Johannesburg, South Africa, a south African Airways flight 295 flew without incident for nine and half hours before tragedy struck. The death toll and the cause of the crash remained a mystery till today. As Boeing 747 flew over Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the pilot reported smoke in the cabin. A few minutes later, the plane crashed into the deep ocean, killing all 159 passengers and crew. Those who witnessed the incident say that debris of the crash were washed ashore on the beeches of Madagscar. These debris could not be retrieved due to political troubles between the Island nation and South Africa at the time. And till this day, the precise cause of the crash remain shrouded in mystery. The Kenyan Boeing 737-800 crashed in Cameroon involving the countrys national carrier killing over 114 people aboard. According to a reliable source, the plane left Doula international airport in Cameroon and crashed only 13 minutes later. This particular incident was the second plane crash belonging to Kenya Airways to have crashed within the West African aerospace. The Sub-Sahara informer writes that the first crash took place in 2000 with en route from Abidjan , Cote d Ivoire killing all 168 passenger on board. Also, Angola Boeing 737 plane crashed on landing at the airport in Northern Angola killing 5 people on board. This particular crash happened shortly after the European union said it was blacklisting the airline due to safety reasons. Stories reveal that Angola Boeing 737 landed half way down the runaway and bounced before crashing into a house.

Nigeria always witness at least three plane crashes less than in a year. Why should plane crash be a tradition in African aviation industries? Why is plane crash a lead story in Nigeria? At one time Nigerian airliner carrying 104 passengers was found to have operated for more than 23 years. The questions that come to mind is how can a plane of 23 year old be air worthy to fly? How can the lives of passengers in such outmoded aircraft be secured? There is no possibility for security and protection of the lives of passengers who board African aircrafts that are as old as their grandmamma. Contrary, Nigerian transportation industry would have the effrontery to pass stringent law that motor vehicle model beyond 8 years are not road worthy and must be banned plying Nigerian highways. The same regulation and policy should affect aircrafts that are more than 8 years. Moreover, aircraft that fails to pass inspection test should not be allowed to fly across African borders. Safety precautions should be enforced at all times to limit the increasing number of air crash. The lack of proper safety precautions have caused many African aircrafts to be blacklisted or banned from operating within the European union. Many are banned from flying into any European nations because of safety concerns. Many are banned because of sabotage especially Kenyan and the Sudanese who have history of terrorist encampment. According to an Associated press, the European union unilaterally banned 62 African airlines from flying into European airspace following a string of air disaster, including the Kenya Airways, B737 that crashed killing 114 passengers. After the ban took effect, the civil aviation of African continent based in Namibia with regional offices in South Africa, Ethiopia, Libya and Nigeria and the Cameroon never did anything to play to the rule. Instead they played an Ostrich and contradicted the very essence of aviation requirements. They never helped matters or tried to inspect their aircrafts to meet international standard. They never tried to work on deficiencies that causes African planes to crash. One could call this body a toothless bull-dog that fails to streamline aviation regulations and licensing throughout Africa at a time when the continent has the world accident record in the world. It is worrisome that our aviation industry cannot guarantee the safety of her citizens. It is worrisome that African aircrafts are in a deplorable bad conditions. It is worrisome that most of our aircrafts lack proper maintenance and services culture. Africa as a continent lacks maintenance culture in all ramifications.

Besides lacking maintenance culture, Africa has a poor aviation safety record. The federal aviation administrators and the national transportation safety board have always tell families and relatives who die during a crash that they are monitoring the situation. Instead of telling families the truth, they say the cause of the crash is unknown and everything is in place to ascertain the cause. Most often, families and well-wishers would continue to wait for answers until another crash over shadows the former. Studies show that causes of fatal air accidents are as a result of poor maintenance and error from African pilots. Demographic assessment reveal that most African fatal crashes are caused by the lost of radio contact, run out of fuel, depressurization which often times renders passengers and crew members very incapacitated and unconscious for hours before the plane crash. Sometimes a fuel-air explosion may take place inside the center wing tank, precipitating an explosive crash. Sometimes a crash occur as a result of fuel leaking into the cockpit and cause intense fire outbreak. Despite intense investigation and subsequent speculation , the cause of most crashes remain unknown. Sometimes investigators would found no evidence of sabotage or an in-fight fire. But the lack of sufficient evidence have kept African aviation authorities from ever identifying the true cause of most air disaster. Most African air crash occur in good weather and visibility with ground controller receiving no signs of distress messages prior to crash. Most theories given for the cause of plane disaster are often times not substantiated. However, a range of unofficial theories are sometimes given to the press, other national media or families of the victims of such disaster as the cause of the crash.

From 1921 to date, the air accidents involving commercial aircraft have rose significantly. From 1922 to 1940, there were about 36 incident of air crash; from 1941 to 1951, there were about 100 incidents; and from 1952 to 1962, there were about 381- the latest in our aviation history. Statistics show that in 1950, the cause of 41 fatal plane crash was pilot error. In 1960, the number was 37; In 1970 the number was 29; In 1980 the number was 30; In 1990 the number was 31 and In 2000 the number was 30. Most pilot errors that are weather related was 11crashes in 1950, 17 in 1970; 15 in 1970; 16 in 1980; 19 in 1990 and finally 19 crashes in 2000. Pilot error that was mechanical related in 1950 were 7 crashes; 3 in 1960 4 in 1980; 6 in 1990 and 3 in 2000. The total pilot error that have cause fatal crash in Africa is 59 in 1950; 57 in 1960; 48 in 1970; 50 in 1980; 56 in 1990 and 52 in 2000. Weather related crashes are 14 in 1950, 11 in 1960; 10 in 1970; 12 in 1980; 9 in 1990 and 8 in 2000. Fatal plane crashes associated with mechanical failure are 20 in 1950, 19 in 1960; 21 in 1970; 21in 1980; 21 in 1980 and 25 in 2000. Statistics of Sabotage that cause African planes to crash are minimal compared to sabotage that are commonplace in Europe and America. One study reveal that sabotage related crashes in 1950s were 3; 4 in the 1960s; 9 in the 70s; 10 in the 80s; 7 in the 90s and 6 in 2000.

The above data represents 1,843 fatal crashes involving commercial aircrafts. Pilot error -weather related represent accidents in which pilot error was the cause but brought about by weather related phenomenon. Pilot error -mechanical related represents accidents in which pilot error was the cause that brought about some type of mechanical failure. Other human errors include air traffic controller errors, improper loading of aircraft, fuel contamination and improper maintenance procedures. Again, human error could be attributed to the machine with which the manufacturers measured component vibrations which sometime could be found to be inaccurate. Sabotage in African air crash includes explosive devices, shoot downs and hijacking. There are other notable crashes assessed by categories such as: Air traffic control error; bird strike; cargo hold/cabin fire; design flaw; sabotage/explosive device; fuel starvation; hijacking (resulting in fatalities); lightening; pilot incapacitation and finally pilots shot by crazy and blood thirsty passengers. On one hand, propeller failure is another factor that has continued to precipitate regular aviation crash. Operations during an ILS approach or a bird strike (a flock of starlings) have damaged the engine of most African aircrafts, cog the pilot tubes, and obstruct the pilots view. It seems to appear to me that a mechanical factor that precipitate aviation crash is the fact that runaway stabilizer may results in maintain ace error causing the aileron to become detached from the control wheel. Sometimes, African pilots misread their approach chart after an unexplained course deviation. Cart deviation sometimes cause the engine to lose all electrical powers. Deviations may be as a result of contamination of the fuel resulting in dual engine failure.

Our aviation industry does not engage in air passage screening. And when they do, they are carried out haphazardly and inconsistently. Also, African Jets are exposed to poor inspection and sometimes the engine of the aircraft suffers explosive decompression. Most often, one of its cargo doors falls in flight to a degree that defective instrument gives misleading guidance during the instrument approach in visibility. Often times, inexperienced pilots over run the speed way , or land short on approach especially when most aircrafts have instrument malfunction. A malfunction that is capable of causing a crash is a light indicating a problem with the landing gear or other catastrophic mechanical failure. The Sudanese air crash was the worst airline incident in African history and would always remain in my assessment the worst single-aircraft airliner accident on African soil.

Causes of African plane crash points to severe corrosion in the fuselage structure leading to explosive decompression and disintegration at high altitude due to engine failure; crashes while attempting to land in heavy raining seasoning or fog; suffering complete hydraulic system failure or running out of fuel due to inaccurate navigation. Majority of African plane crash are attributed to defect in a valve associated with the rudder; overshooting the runway; crashes during takeoff; landing gear failure; blowing of the tire during landing, causing a fire that needs emergency response personnels to extinguish. A remarkable spotlight besides the Sudanese crash that claimed lives was the Goma crash in the democratic republic of Congo. Shortly after taking off from the Goma airport, the aircraft maze off houses as it plowed through a densely populated marketplace. This particular crash killed about 16 people while more than 66 others including 5 crew members survived. The survival of the 5 crew members was a miracle and family members praised the lord for their survival. Though relatively rare, incidence of airplane tragedy in Africa make up a significant element of 20th century aviation history. If this is the case, one would logically argue that African Aviation department does not study the cause of air disaster which could help African economy or assist our aeronautic engineers to design safer planes that would challenge officials to initiate better air travel habits and guidelines.

Despite all these, a number of crashes have remained unresolved till today. Such mysterious crashes are the plane accident from Orville Wrights ill-fated flight of September 1908 to the October 1999 crash associated with Egyptian air flight 990. On Jan 22 1973, in Kano Nigeria, more than 171 Nigerian Muslim returning from Mecca and 5 crew died in a plane crash. On March 4th 1975 in Douala Cameroon, the trans-African DC-7 crashed on the take off killing all 111 passengers aboard. Similarly, on May 20th 1965 the same crash took place in Cairo, Egypt. The Pakistan International Airways 707 crashed on landing at airport killing 124 passengers. On August 3, 1975 in Agadir Morocco, the chartered Boeing 707 returning Moroccan workers home after vacation in France plunged into mountainside and killed 188 passengers. In 1987 (November 26, South Mauritius), the South African Airways Boeing 747 went down in rough seas and left 160 died. Also in January 2000, off the Ivory Coast, the Kenyan Airways Airbus A-310 carrying 179 passengers and crew crashed and perished into the Atlantic ocean killing all 217 aboard. On May 4th 2002, Kano Nigeria, the EAS Airline BAC 1-11 bound for Lagos plowed at a poor densely populated suburb of Kano shortly after takeoff, killing 148. The statistics and death tolls are so many for a mere census. Causality and death toll included 76 aboard and dozens on the ground. On October, 22 2002 at Lagos Nigeria, a crash occurred involving Belleview Airlines Boeing 737-200 en route to Abuja crashed, killing all 117 on board. On December 10 2005 at Portharcout, Nigeria, the Sosoliso Airline planes carrying 110 crashed during landing killing 106. Jesuit students and a priest (Fr. Obi) a man of God who laid the foundation stone to Mater Catholic Parish in Portharcourt perished beyond recognition. In the same year, March 2005, the Bellview aircraft clamed the lives of prominent Nigerians Muslims returning from Mecca including the life of prominent emir in the North, the Sultan of Sokoto. Finally on May 5, 2007 in Douala Cameroon, A Kenyan bound Airway plane took off in stormy whether and crashed moments later after killing all 114 people on board. The statistics goes on and on and the tragedy remains with families of air commuters.

Africa should do something concerning her aviation image within international community. African should copy international aviation manual and regulations. They should enforce proper inspection of aircrafts that flies within sub-Sahara and beyond to ensure credibility and flight satisfaction to customers and passengers. The safety of African aircrafts and the safety of African passengers should be first priority for African Aviation industries. Safety of these industries would attract tourism and change the mind-set of the West to fly into Africa without inhibition. African politicians should do sometime about these daunting challenges. The reason is because tourism in Africa appears to be part and parcel of the services that can boast African economy. In 2001 alone, Nigeria received 955, 000 tourist visits. Most tourists come from neighboring African countries, but international tourists shy away because of the safety issues associated with our industries. Politicians and law makers should not wait till one African president dies on a plane crash before a legislation is passed to revamp our aviation.

A prosperous nation is one that has good transportation system. A powerful society is one with efficient aviation history. Good aviation facilitates the growth of the economy. It facilitates trade, services, international relations and business. Unfortunately, services are vast and poorly defined part of the African economy that include most informal and formal enterprise. African economy traditionally that are based on agriculture, trade and crude oil should shift focus to aviation and transportation. Aviation and transportation also makes travel safe and faster for citizens and visitors. It brings travelers and their world together into a global village. It makes travel smooth for presidents and politicians. It makes travel easier for international business and friendship. It makes the world a global village in connectivity. Efficient aviation industries contrast a nations dependence on oil by promoting greater increase in export earnings and allowing massive investments in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, and social services. Since petroleum accounts for as much as 98 percent of export earning and produce which is about four-fifths of government revenues. The production and account of the GDP is often times divided almost equally between petroleum, agriculture, service and aviation sectors. Finally, it removes fear and reduces the pain ordinary citizens go through while driving long distance or catching a bus. Perfect aviation puts life and business on a fast track. Bad aviation on one hand contradicts all these. Critics say that a continent with bad aviation system is a right off in the international assessment.

The time has come for political aspirants to establish political pressure groups such as the campaign for sustainable aviation progress in Africa. This pressure group like the Nigerian Labor congress should be prepared to organize a strike to protest against all nightmare associated with African aviation tragedies. Protests should center on government polices and legislations that hampers industrial development such as aviation expansion and efficiency. Protests should challenge government establishments that makes it difficult to obtain sufficient parts of the aircraft and spear parts. Critics of oil and aviation industries should not allow this aspect of the national life of the economy to die a natural death. Activists in social justices should not allow African Politicians to dubiously accuse them of murdering government supporters who sing praises to our rascal leaders and those of them who make political speeches that our aviation industry is in perfect shape. Any political speech or rhetorics (storytelling) that praises African aviation is a speech from the ghost. Good speeches must promote the establishment of good and excellent aviation for commerce and industries. Good speeches must center on the mission, objective, achievement and pitfalls of African aviation. A good speech must consider what needs to be done to remedy the quagmire. A continent without solutions to her commerce and industries, otherwise without excellent aviation industries is always plagued by sporadic outburst of communal violence. African employees needs to form Aviation union to fight problems affecting the continent. Such union should introduce series of reforms, including an allowance for greater foreign partnership or ownership of domestic aircrafts, a loosing of control and misappropriation from African aviation officials who cannot handle their own business well. When a continent cannot handle her own business, then such a continent is calling for help. Union activities have increased in recent times with the economic downturn of the 1990s and 2000s. Like the active union representing petroleum workers and university teachers, the union for aviation should challenge the government not just on salary and economic issues but on abuses of aviation industries. They should campaign actively to compel African government and major aviation unions to introduce aviation and environmental safeguards. African government need to create continental aviation protection agency (CAPA) to address problems of plane crash, inspection and cause of crash and other contingencies associated with African aviation.

A perfect aviation would serve as a strong constitutive element that would link Africa diversely to the network of opportunities and friendship with other international communities. Common sense teaches that aviation and transportation have pre-eminent consideration in the determination of a robust economy, attractive tourism and initiation of friendship. Also, perfect aviation generates fast revenues to the continent. In sum, efficient aviation is equi-primodial with the acquisition of respect, recognition, transformation of a continent. Through excellent aviation, African continent would be respected and their world-view would be assessed in a less critical manner. Assessments and implementation of all these ideals are one step toward solving aviation quagmire.

Jerry Ogbuja

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