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            Today, we are witnessing again the repeatation of 1966 marginalisation and brutal killings of the lgbos  in all parts of Nigeria ,which caused the exodus of the lgbos and the immediate break away of the lgbos  from Nigeria in 1967.It seems Nigeria did not learn lessons from  this  the 30-months  civil war.

current campaign for a Biafra state  in eastern Nigeria , MASSOB considers  itself  to be picking up the struggle where Odumegwu Ojukwu left off. MASSOB leader s insist till today to achieved this through non-violent  means and approach.How could this be ? How realistic   could it be to get this , how soon and what is the future of the lgbo tribe in Nigeria under the on-going brutal killings of Biafrains.

            On 25th, oct.2005 the leader of MASSOB chief Ralp Uwazuruike was arrested and  is facing a treason charge- which sentence is dealth. A longe with him is , Bendict Alakwem, chibuike Nwosu, Chimankpa Okorocha, Kelechi Ubabuike ,Ambrose Anyaso and Augustine Ihuoma.All and many others are facing  dealth sentence. In march, 2006, the MASSOB PRO,Uche Madu, was arrested. Also over 2000 lgbos are perishing in various Nigeria prisons for the only cause of Biafra . More than  4000 lgbos has been  killed in the  on going genocide.

            Today, the proud of the lgbos chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu  has been flown to abroad because of his deporable health condition.if any thing happen , what is the proud of the igbos ?Also over 300 MASSOB leaders are in hiding because of fear of being killed , or arrested by the Nigeria government.

            Since the arrest of MASSOB leader in oct.2005,over 4000 lgbos has been killed. The leader of Onitsha province , chief chikwudi Mba , has been arrested and over 2000 lgbos has been killed in onitsha , and many more are still missing till date. In Aba , the woman leader mrs Grace lwe  has been arrested ,mr chinwuaba lhechiluru, kelechi ugwu, mary lke ,and chinemerem osugwu are still missing, while over 1000 members has been killed or arrested.. In Owerri between jan.2006 and 1st jan.2007, 50 MASSOB members were burnt , 750 men and women has lost their livies, while over 200 has been arrested. MASSOB properties worth  over N10 million has been looted or destroyed  by Nigeria government, also mr Godwin madu, mrs chinyere uzudinma ,Ekele Uba , uchichi uwa and the former scertary  owerri provience (3)  Mr Hilary chidiebere  Nwosu  who disappeared since December 2005  after the 5th and 6th December ,2005 MASSOB demonstration , and others are still missing till date.

             This is is thesame report in all parts of lgbo land. According to an American news paper,there is speculations that discussions are going on with the American government to intervene in the on going genocide of the lgbos , but how long will this  discussion last for united states to take action to save the life and future of the lgbos. EU, and united nations  should intervene and to stop this killings, this is worst than Darfur, the lgbos  are dying silently every day , still MASSOB remains non-violent. There is today the exodus of the lgbos out of there own land to save their life and that of their children , Again Nigeria medias  kept silent , and refuse to tell the world what is going on in Nigeria..

United nations should appoint a special envoy on Biafra genocide , to investigate this killings, tortures and unlawfull arrested of men and women in Eastern Nigeria  before it gets out of hand. Otherwise the  world will witness another terrible  war in Africa.



Repoter Kenneth nwachukwu

Editor, ..newsflash media

United kingdom                       


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