The Ambush of Ambition

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                                      THE AMBUSH OF AMBITION.


                                                             HON. DON EFEME MAYAR



An ambition is a personal desire for power,  wealth or success  while an Ambush is the concealment to lie in wait for  a surprise attack to archived a dubious aim, only ambitious people believes in those  principles and both put together is never welcome  in any genuine  democratic system of government.


Nigerians all over the world today have now clearly understood that the government of President Olusegun Obasanjo is very ambitious for this third term syndrome and will stop at nothing to ensure an ambush of this apprehensive plot makes them the protagonist of this new Political disorder. There is a local saying that, when you pinch a dog in the process of removing lice from his body, you should show him the lice after removing it so that he should not have a wrong meaning of your motives.? I must honestly say that this government has failed us in this line. Although I am not privy to their selfish and self-centered mission, but  honestly speaking most Nigerians  have thought long before now  that this administration will placate Nigerians on the necessity  for a third term For President Olusegun Obasanjo,  but rather they go about  bribing to manipulate  the constitution inconsequentially making  the Nigeria electorates  to understand that, they  are not important to supporting any  principles of law  needed to  governed them. These are government officers elected by this same people they now undermined. 


I still honestly say that as  the pivot of the country for now it is demean  that  even after the perusal of the book of truth President Olusegun  Obasanjo  still wants  to go beyond the terminus of his Political Position and I wonder what must have given him that courage of unpatriotic executive decision that is now destroying  the probity Nigerians once saw in him.  Secondly, to think he is the prodigy in a country of about one hundred and forty million people (140,000,000,000) from how the ambush of their ambition is being mounted is improbable, It is very clear that he is not only having the ambition but he has also mounted an ambush to actualize it and as put a tick dark cloud in the political atmosphere of the country.  Some few weeks ago when he was interviewed by the B.B.C, and in reply to if he has an ambition for a third term in office, President Olusegun Obasanjo declare to the world that? FOR NOW he is not thinking of it? But in reality the world knew that once again a Nigerian President has lied. His ambition for third term is so glary that the aroma has filled the air and he is saying that for now he is not thinking of it, or does he think he is talking to the birds? Why should  he be pretending when the world knows that he is the architect of this unfortunate Political Crisis or does he think Nigerians are fools to believing  Senator Ibrahim Nasiru Mantu just woke up and was canvassing  for a third term without aegis from him?  Apart from the bribing and threatening  to some senators in order for them to support  this  third term  ambition,  the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (P.D.P)  Dr. Ahmadu Ali  was quoted as telling  all P.D.P  senators to support the third term agenda  under duress so where is the democracy they talk about? Imagine him even given the Nigeria Senators mandatory responsibilities under treat. What is his business with the affairs of the Federal Senates or is it that the Senates President has no Administrative power in the House again? Or do we now say that the National Chairman of the P.D.P makes the law of the country? This is what it is if the senators will allow themselves to be manipulated even under duress by the P.D.P National Chairman. This is nothing but a clear case of bulling, Intimidation and undemocratic principles. We still remember vividly how  Mr. President  goes about his duties in the past regardless to the House of Senates who on many occasions have brought up impeachment proposal on his behalf so who is fooling whom? On the whole it is very misleading for him to tell the world in the B.B.C Television Interview that he is not thinking of it for now when he has put necessary machinery in place to actualize his ambition. It would have been more respectful if he had told the world why he should be there again. In addition, President Olusegun Obasanjo dictates for the Senate weather good or bad we all understand this from what we see, so that anything he is not in support with or does not initiate himself can never stand in the House of Senate, so he can not put up a defends that this third term agenda was initiated by the senators because that is where he is wanting to land. This ambush ambition is threatening the unity of the nation and has vomited venoms that are gradually killing   the confidence Nigerians has on the Federal House of Senate and Federal House of Assembles.


 If President Obasanjo wants a third term in office he should also think of the consequence and honestly speaking, his heart desire is not wroth to shattered the unity and peace of this nation. On the other hand, if President Olusegun Obasanjo is a good President and for that reasons  the constitution must be amended to pave way for him for another four ( 4) years then what is the possibility of that same constitution  not to be amended again for an additional years in the near future? Secondly, Eight (8) years might be considerate to wait for an end of a bad President’s tenure if Nigerians happen to have one in the future because it is inevitable, but can Nigerians keeps the fury in them to wait for twelve (12) whole years for a bad president’s tenure to come to an end without causing chaos that will brake the unity and peace of the country?. It is so appalling that some senators are only interested to Satisfying President Obasanjo instead of leaving a superb legacy capable enough to be recorded in history. It will also be premature for this Senators to approved this not important third term issue forgetting that they will not be there to defend it when it may be amended again to pave way for an additional tenure amongst a generation of new Senators who will be blindfolded by the  idiosyncrasies of today’s  present Senators by the same President.  We say NO to this ambush ambition because there is no justification for it. Our voice is the voice of GOD. They have forgotten so soon that the voice of the people is the voice of God and it will be for their best interest and to the interest of peace and unity of the nation to respect our opinion. Charles Taylor failed to listen to the voice of God when the mouth of men spoke but today that voice he never respected will pronounce his punishment.


Furthermore, President Olusegun Obasanjo as far as I am concern has really done more then other past presidents in my generation and infect I must admit with-out pride that I respect him for the bold stand he took to the uplifting of Discipline, Economic and Social life of the people of the federal republic of Nigeria. He is no doubt an icon of my generation, but my one billion dollars question is ? what is the important of a Third Term to the development and stability of democracy in the country? ? They is no relationship between them. In his inaugural speech in Abuja on the 29th of may 2003 he said the peaceful civilian to civilian transition was an affirmation that democracy was there to stay in Nigeria but we can now understand that he is not willing to extend that peace of unpolluted democracy to others because of his personal desire and will create uncomfortable situation in the future. Heaven knows right from the beginning, it was not an original design in President Olusegun Obasanjo agenda as an instrument to create a conducive environment for  the country, so  introducing it in  the middle of the game makes it an obstruction to the  process of democracy already going on in the country today and this is the candid opinion of every Nigerians any where in the world. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo  is the most experienced President alive in the country today so honestly speaking  if he believed that Nigeria  needed  a third term to practically be  crowned  the giant of Africa then he should have told us  in 1979 when he handed to formal President Alahji Shahu Musa Shagari. He still had the Opportunity to have told Nigerians this  in 1999 and at the beginning of his second tenure as a democratic president in 2003 respectively, but he never did because it is just too clear and natural that third term is not an important machine capable of uplifting  the country from where she is today so I wonder why it is now very important  when he has about ten (10) months left to complete his second fair tenure. Nigerians or the world will not praise him by the number of years he is in office but by what he was able to contribute to the country given respect to law, equality and democracy. The aroma of this third term is not a pleasant one to any honest Nigerians home and abroad and it is not dependable as far as the unity and future of the country is concern. Even those opportunists supporting this superficial drama knows deep down in their heart that the pleasure they are seeking for was under pressure and if they bow to it then  their names will go down in history as  impressionable politicians who has no aptitude for politicking because they are  not bothered with the chaos that may engulf the country they are supposed to protect with their position; all they want is to play game with the protagonist to any level because they themselves have no Political focus.


Instead of planning an ambush to hijacked the presidency Mr. President should have come out openly to tell Nigerians why he should be there still, we are people who can understand because we all need development in our beloved country and respecting the presence and important of the peoples blessings is a very vital part of this democracy  we are talking about not the ambush method to archived a law or who is the law made for?  Why must Mr. President shy away from his responsibility of letting us know what is happening? This ambush is too degrading and primitive for the Presidency to use as a smooth or successful ride to the city of Political adornments.  We call it an ambush because of the desperate means of using huge amount of the Nations wealth to influence some senators to support the third term. It is an ambush as long as there is a cold war between the President and the vice President whom are supposed to understand each other politically, it would have been more honorable if they both came out with his game. It is an ambush as long as the P.D.P National Chairman instigated his Senators to support it under duress. It is an ambush as long as the Economic and financial crime committee (EFCC) invites suspected presidential aspirants for questioning. It is an ambush as long as it is very clear that it will not be allow to be given a fair debate in the senate and federal house of Assembles  because, Millions of Naira has already be given out as tips to manipulate it to favour their cost.  These are some of the things that make it very questionable. We have the civic right to know why they are so desperate about it.


Conclusively, President Olusegun Obasanjo should stop this not conducive Political juggling  and  must not  forgot that the strength of any nation depends on the availability of the young human potentials, given them also the privilege to advocate impartial rules of laws in a discipline atmosphere without fear of being victimized innocently.  We must concentrate on how to encourage the rising sun because they have some potential that Nigeria as a nation can not look down on. A country that wants to succeed must encourage the rising sun to the one that has already set. We must encourage them and not to stand on their position because we can not denial the fact that we as a nation need build our future with potentials that can stand against any storm politically or otherwise and this is the time to see it done. We must start now if we must take this great Nation to where we are willing to. President Mathew Okikiolakan Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo should encourage the young future political potentials so that he will be seen as a father of all.  The wise do not need to be told anything. They just do what is right at the right time.





Hon. Don Efeme Mayar is the President- General of the Deltans in Diaspora Political Power House.


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