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Written by: Amsterdam The Netherlands


Its a mystery that our elites, the academic society, and even the fourth estate of the relm have demonstrated how deceptive, naive and selfish they can be on this issue of our national development.

There are a lot of issues that have been kept under the carpet since obasanjo was retired from the millitary in 1979.
One of his numerous wives(Mrs Linda Obasanjo) was shot to death on a Lagos street without any reasonable arrest till date and even when he came back from the prison term he served for alledged participation in a coup, we entrusted him again with our lives, esteem, honour and sovereignty.

He became the most imminent threat to this security immediately when he allowed Sharia issues to attack the sovereignty of the most secular society in Africa.

Our judiciary which was one of the best in the civil world became more threatened by Obasanjo, who would fine a deceptor like Salisu Buhari 2000 bucks at the expense of a jail term.And  pressure the judiciary to be very inactive and ineffective in his quest of anti-corruption. The poor get prosecution , others merely get detention.Even the tyrannic Mustapha and Bamaiyis.....

The fourth estate, must lack an archival institution if they do not know that Chief Bola Ige was the only serving minister ever to have been killed in the history of nigeria outside a coup-detat. Any trials till date? No they searched for a fall guy, but the poor Mr Iyiola Omisore was just lucky not to have been a victim of this "army arrangement" too. Who killed the custodian of our judiciary in the nation synonymous with strong protection and security for his public officers.
What has happened to the spirit of Balewaism? If he can see Nigeria today, he must be in tears always.

This so many unanswered questions of our lives wants to remained unanswered in this new third term tunes.
its not just a thrid term, its an extension of covery, mystery  and a dying republic of black pride.

If we do not resuscitate our bureaucratic life, then there is no point for our kids to go to school, since they end up been 419/scammers, drug dealers, prostitutes, slaves and the rest.

Its quite dismal , that a nation with 68 percent literacy rate and the most dynamic culture in the south hemisphere can be at this point today. we must make sacrifes and we must start to make it now.
Obasanjo and his CIA cohorts must start to answer our little questions now, or we might find answers ourselves, the problem is, our answers might be unfounded and based on feelings, and this bring only wars and added mystery. We all know tht there is no third term for Obasanjo,what we do not know is who they are preparing the ground for, another military regime in the loom?

How come less than a hundred thousand people have gradually made 128 million others blind and daft.

But the elites, our parents, the academics, the media, will take a lot of this blame.  The last honour that came to this country was from Proffesor Soyinka, Ben Okri and Fela kuti.What has happened to the rest, they are allergic to glory and honour? probably, we have suddenly became "Beasts Of No Nation".



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